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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Year Coming to an End, Capitalism in Critical Condition

 We got to perform at the Bergamont Station art opening for the unveiling of new works by the likes of David Hockney, Ed Moses, Robert Williams, Nick Lowe, and more than fifty others.  The LA Weeky Biennial  Some Paintings  was curated by Doug Harvey. We provided the soundtrack as John Kilduff painted, ran on the treadmill, mixed drinks and spoke with the attendees.

Enjoyed this season’s Original Scarface: Jenufa with tortured soprano Karita Mattila. The Catholic overtones of Janacek’s story of jealous, violent love remain current. I continue to love Mozart’s limited use of the tenor. In Don Giovanni, the baritones get so much time and the tenors are mostly harmonizing, rarely singing alone for more than a minute. Bravo! Tristan und Isolde administered the yearly dose of Wagner with nice sets and feeble-voiced sailors. Juan Pons as Scarpia was the standout of Tosca. Next season starts a multi-year Ring Cycle, plus traditional favorites Carmen and The Magic Flute, and an opera version of The Fly —not featuring Jeff Goldblum.


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