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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jim Morrison is Dead. Long Live Jim Morrison! The End

Forty years after the Summer of Love, the ‘’true story’’ of how Jim Morrison died is finally coming out according to rock biographer Sam Bernet. In his book, published in France this summer, Bernet claims Jim died in the restroom of the Paris club where he was employed called Rock ‘n’Roll Circus . Morrison had apparently bought heroin from two dealers there who hauled him back to his apartment and placed him in his bath--already dead--after he had overdosed in the club. This contradicts the official version of events and the statement given to police by Pamela Courson who died of an overdose in 1974, and therefore couldn’t be reached for comment.

His music lives on: Riders on the Storm are at the top of the bill for the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Summer of Love . Ray, Robbie and the singer from Fuel will be playing the old classics as well as new songs, according to Manzarek. Drummer Ty Dennis continues, though Ian Astbury left. (This could be the debut of new 'Doors' music since the scrapped Astbury songs seem now to be lost to the ages. Ciao baby, etc.) Near the top of the bill are the cast from Rockstar Supernova, billed above Big Brother and the Holding Company, who, in turn, are billed above Nor Cal‘s favorite Byrds tribute band. The Grateful Dead‘s keyboardist who was not Pigpen or Bruce Hornsby is also playing a set at the three day, multi-stage festival. Though they were such a big part of the Woodstock Anniversary celebration, Limp Bizkit are not on the bill.


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