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Sunday, July 22, 2007

You Can Never Be Too Rich or Too Thin

Tammy Faye Bakker gave up the Holy Ghost after one final interview with Larry King, weighing just sixty-five pounds. He cancer had metastasized. Tattooed preacher son, Jay, will carry on her unconventional evangelical legacy running Revolution, his ''anti-megachurch.'' His canceled reality show will likely remain TiVoed on dozens of thousands of Good Charlotte fans' hard disks.
As Bible College dropouts, she and ex-husband, Jim Bakker, helped build the televangelical empires of Pat Robertson's CBN and Trinity Broadcasting Network with their charisma, passion and musical/comedy chemistry. They later built their PTL broadcast network fortune which crumbled amid Federal fraud investigations, cementing her mascaraed legacy in the Reaganomics era, adding ''air-conditioned dog house'' to the list which includes S&L debacle and the movie line, ''Greed is good.'' Her second husband also went to prison--on a bankruptcy fraud conviction.

Going against the grain of Pentecostal traditions (make-up wearing, cosmetic surgery), she embraced the gay community soon after Jim began serving his Federal prison sentence. A survivor (like Beyonce and Tina Turner), she bounced back as a sympathetic documentary subject ("The Eyes of Tammy Bakker'') and later as a talk show host and reality television personality.

Rest in Peace, Miss Tammy.


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