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Friday, June 08, 2007

Yale Creative Writing Professor Denigrates Bloggers

Anne Fadiman's latest book venerates ''Familiar Essay'' masters Charles Lamb, Coleridge—and indirectly, herself. In the Times, she describes the form as an intersection of the writer's personal point of view and the world at large. I half fancied myself as a huffy Matt Drudge after hearing her interview on National Public Radio. When asked if today's bloggers were revitalizing the moribund tradition of the familiar essay, she answered the ''All Things Considered'' interviewer, ''no.'' That is, today's typical blogger falls short of the the criteria of being deemed a Familiar Essay Writer. Another feeble attempt by the literary and media elites to beat back the free-market success of half-baked ideas!

A work associate of mine--who graduated from Yale in creative writing--initially failed the writing portion of the basic skills test required to enter the program we went through together. We came out of the sausage grinder with identical completion profiles. He probably never wrote papers on De Quincey, Coleridge and the intersection of writing talent and opium in New Haven though.

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