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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

God Bless Courtney Love

You can never be too rich or too thin, right? Those two things are hard enough to achieve, much less maintain. How about building a body of great work on top of that? How many celebrities will ever create anything even half equal to Ani DiFranco’s greatest hits or Jewel’s first folk album? Or world-class film work? Patti Smith was there before the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr key got stuck in Olympia. And she’s still herrre.

Well, CL does not have to worry about her artistic legacy. If she had vanished after her Sympathy for the Record Industry 7 inch and ‘’Pretty on the Inside’’ albums, that’d been hard enough to top. Those alone put most of her former band-mates’ entire oeuvres to shame. Then there is ‘’Live Through This,’’ parts of ‘’America’s Sweetheart,’’ etc. She’s already proved herself as America’s Serge Gainsbourg of the harsh double-entendre battle cries. Not content to manage her estate from behind massive shades, she continues to live her live as a work of comb Artaudian ative living drama. And the ten-percenters who need her more than she needs them can only manipulate her musical decisions so much before being fired. So what if I want to go to Thailand and have a kidney taken out. Does that make my lyrics any better? Or worse?

Playing some of her new songs live in London recently, she defied their Smoking Ban--since the House of Lords can still smoke at work. And which profession needs it more, Her Majesty’s Parliament or rock musicians in the clubs? I remember our Associated Press was waiting for the French train riots to erupt when their smoking ban went into effect. But they started by issuing warnings to the defiant riders. Explaining their ‘ease-in approach,’ their government spokesman said, ‘’To rush the French would be absurd.’’ Likewise, to rush Ms. Love is also. All things worthwhile take some time. And to paraphrase Bukowski’s remark about projecting his own persona: She’s always the heroine of her own tales.


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